Can you really do a Interlock Steps and Entrances Design in Nepean?

There are many benefits of having a paved stone structure or installation on your property. You may think that these are basic things made of bricks, such as the walkway leading to your door. You are probably correct too, however the contrary is also true that it takes a great lot of effort to install the paving stones and that the same attach well enough to have some form of interlocking technology. These present a beautiful and even visage to your visitors. The surface of the interlocking structures are long lasting as well and do not need much maintenance. There are many forms of interlocking structures such as outdoor patios where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. One of the greatest benefits of these is that you can arrange the stones as you want, to make any kind of structure you like. For instance, you may like to have Interlock Steps and Entrances Design Nepean.

There are many Nepean Interlocking & Paving Companies from where you can get nicely designed Nepean Design interlocking formations. However, perhaps the greatest benefit of the technology is that you can lay them or install them on your own. Thus, if you can do the project on your own completely, you can save a lot of cost. All you need to do is buy the materials of course. The rest is up to you. Let us see the steps you need to lay the interlocking paving bricks or stones.

1) Planning the project:

The very first thing to need to do before commencing the Interlock Steps and Entrances Design Nepean work is to make a good enough plan, of course. Without a concrete plan, no pun intended, your project will not be able to get up the ground. Thus, at first, you need to know in general how much of the area should be worked on and where. Remember, you need to good drainage area nearby. Thus, you need to establish where the water runs from and to. You need to avoid potential flooding areas and areas with standing water. Other things you need to know are the slope of the land, structures around your work area etc. If there is a slope in the land, it should ideally be 1/8 inch/foot. To mark the work area, you can use spray paint or use easily available things like wood pieces, strings and twigs. The other thing to observe is how the sun hits the surface of the work area. Is there too much shadow? If you desire to know the amount of materials like gravel and soil you want, you need to measure the dimensions of the area.

2)  Choose the pavers:

You can have a broad range of choices here in the case of interlocking pavers. These are available in numerous colors, shades, sizes, patterns, shapes and thickness. Just so you know, the ideal thickness for an area for both pedestrians and traffic is 2 3/8 inches.

These are only some of the many steps needed to install stone pavers. In the next blog or blogs, we shall be continuing this theme in order to give you a bigger picture.


When the scope of such a project is small, you may be able to do this on your own. However, if the project is quite large, then you will certainly need the help of a professional agency such as Evergreen Interlocking Brick Specialists. It is a company based in Ontario Canada, and offers highly useful services such as development of patios and kitchens, walls and walkways, driveways and steps, interlocking bricks, pool interlock, water features, rock gardens, decks and fences.

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