Cost effective landscaping in Ottawa by EverGreen Landscape

EverGreen Landscape is a company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We believe in offering our customers the best quality service when it comes to landscaping and property maintenance. It has been in the business since 1984. Since its inception, we have been helping the residents of Ottawa and beyond to realize their dreams of beautifying their property through landscaping projects.  Just in the second year after our inception, our client base had grown to 150 within and beyond Ottawa. We offer our services to both commercial as well as residential clients. Commercial assets we have serviced include apartments and shopping centers. At the EverGreen Landscape, we are experts in the construction and design of various interlock assets such as Interlock for Patios in Ottawa, retaining walls, interlocking driveways, Pool areas interlocking in Ottawa, interlock steps, stone landscape, fences, gardening decks and much more.

We understand that in order to provide high quality work that can delight clients or customers, there is the need for the latest machines, devices and for the best materials. Because of this, we use the latest things like:

  • single axle dump trucks
  • cube vans
  • pickup trucks with plows
  • tracked mini excavator
  • front end loaders
  • plate compactors

and others! All of these machinery and devices

Here are some of our services in more detail:

Interlocking bricks:

If you are looking for landscaping your land and yet if you are with a tight budget, interlocking bricks are ideal for you. Landscape design on its own is not easy. There are some that they months and many years to finish. Planning them is tricky as well especially if there is a slope in the land. Landscaping also involves planting. We have working in this industry for many years and therefore are able to offer you a stunning works of art in the form of interlocking brick landscapes. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project.

Interlocking driveways, steps and entrances:

These are assets that nicely complement the appearance or look of any property and contribute to its aesthetic design. We provide highly aesthetic custom designs.

Interlocking Patios and Kitchens:

Patios are fabulous places just out of your doorstep to hang out and have a great time. With the help of Interlock bricks for Patios in Ottawa, having these has become cost effective. These are ideal places to spend a quiet time during the summer.


EverGreen Landscape offers you much more in the form of services. We shall see more of our services shortly.

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