Interlock Products We Carry - Landscaping Ottawa, Interlocking Ottawa

When it comes to our interlock Ottawa projects, we like to offer various options to our clients. EverGreen Landscape Ottawa, Interlock Ottawa works with Techno-Bloc, Permicom and Unilock.

Techo-Bloc – Interlock Ottawa

North America’s premier manufacturer of landscape and masonry paving stones designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. A world leader in product innovation, Techo-Bloc offers pavers, edges, carved images, masonry veneer, paving slabs, and walls designed to give homeowners and professionals the ultimate in design flexibility.

From driveways, poolsides, and patios to steps and planters and walkways, there’s a Techo-Bloc “precious stone” to suit your design.


Permacon – Interlock Ottawa

Create Spaces that naturally suit you.Bring your most inspired ideas to life and reshape your surroundings by exploring the infinite possibilities offered by Permacon.

Permacon is Canada’s first choice in landscaping and masonry products. Pavers, walls, steps, slabs, curbs, stones and bricks will help you create a world of colours and shapes.


UniLock – Interlock Ottawa

Unilock, a family-owned and operated business, originally introduced the paving stone to North America back in 1972. Backed by family values and a commitment to quality and innovation, Unilock has grown to become the premier manufacturer of paving stones and retaining walls. Traveling the globe in search of new inspirations, Unilock strives to stay in touch with the illuminating world of fashion, design and manufacturing techniques, all to ensure its mix of products continually reflects the evolving wants, desires and sense of style of its customers.